F.80 – Appendix for Federalist Papers


The Collectivist side is using a set of tactics that has been successfully used for more than a hundred years to increase control. These are basically the same tactics that were used in the Russian Revolution of 1917 and in Nazi Germany in the 1930s and early 1940s. They have also been deployed in Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, and North Korea. As you read these tactics, think about the things you have been observing, and consider whether they are part of these tactics.

  1. Establish a loyal and supportive hierarchy – Recruit people for the upper tiers of government, who will be loyal and supportive of the leadership (loyal subjects cannot serve two masters).
  2. Grow the debt and deficit – Excessive spending bills contribute to slush funds and activist groups, which allows top-down government with loyal supporters to function and grow.
  3. Convert the Justice System – Replace the justice system that ensures “equal justice for all” with one that protects the loyalists and intimidates and punishes the opposition.
  4. Weaken or eliminate checks and balances – This includes things like promoting an activist interpretation of the Constitution, stacking the Supreme Court, and eliminating the filibuster.
  5. Control public education – Vladimir Lenin said “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.” This involves teaching children what to think, not how to think.
  6. Gain control over voting –install people who are loyal to the cause to oversee the voting process. Promote concepts that encourage mass voting and de-emphasize efforts to maintain voter integrity.
  7. Restrict Gun Rights – Individual gun rights are a threat to superiority of the government.
  8. Control the News – Take over the newspapers and media to promote the party message rather than truth.
  9. Increase indoctrination and limit “Free Speech” – Claim that individualistic viewpoints are offensive and collectivist viewpoints are admirable. People who speak the truth must be suppressed and disgraced.
  10. Reduce the influence of religion – Religion promotes obedience to a higher power, which conflicts with loyalty to the power of the government.
  11. Create a dependent society – Convince the people that they will live a better life if they support government programs for critical goods and services. Ensure enough goods and services to keep the common people from revolting.
  12. Discourage pride and patriotism – In order to make it easier to change our country, the country must be characterized as one that has a flawed and shameful past and needs to be reformed.
  13. Play the blame game – Identify metrics that can be exploited, blame them on the opponent, and identify yourself as the compassionate one. Create a victim mentality.
  14. Create fear and reluctance to resist – intimidate those who resist. Find ways to weaken and divide the opposition.
  15. Promote Socialism over Capitalism – Portray capitalism as an unfair system that is driven by greed. Encourage bringing critical aspects of the economy into government control.
  16. Arrive as a Superhero – Arrive on scene as the hero or savior of all that is good and right.