Federalist Papers

These white papers are associated to how issues of today apply to the founding documents of the United States

F.05 – Democracy

A Democracy is a system of government in which power is held by all citizens.  Because pure democracies are extremely inefficient, democratic power is often delegated to elected representatives, a structure know as a republic.    Governments in which the citizens have no power are considered authoritarian or totalitarian. Democratic –  a form of government that […]

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F.06 – Equality

Is there such a thing as equality in nature?  No. Equality does not exist in nature, and it can’t.  On the contrary, there must be diversity in nature, meaning dissimilarity, inequality, and all sorts of contradictions between objects and phenomena. That is what gives the colors and properties that are in nature richness.  Philosophically, inequalities are classified as either natural or constructed.  Natural Inequality –

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F.04 – Justice vs. Social Justice

Justice is the philosophic concept of rectitude, fairness and morality within a society, and it serves as a balancing force between the collective security and the personal liberty of individuals.  The Justice System consists of laws, law enforcement, courts, and consequences for violations.   For justice to be effective, all members are expected to pledge allegiance

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