Your donation in The PROUD MAJORITY will help us to continue to educate the Americans in our communities of the importance of maintaining our rights and privileges outlined in our Constitution as it was written and intended to safeguard our communities.  Your generous support will allow us to continue scheduling our Learning Circles wherever they are requested.

Who We Are

Today the divide between the Right and the Left is growing wider, and the probable outcome is dire for the country that we love. It is more important than ever that we find a way to bridge this divide and return to our founding principles.

Our goal is to touch the hearts and minds of people, especially our youth, and enable them to understand the virtues of the American experiment.

As a service-minded group, we are committed to spreading the truth about American history, America’s founding principles and values, and the benefits of strict adherence to the U.S. Constitution.

America’s founding principles are simple, elegant, and completely aligned with human nature. They provide an ideal balance between freedom, equality, responsibility, morality, and compassion for others. They encourage everyone to achieve their God-given potential, while providing a strong, secure, prosperous, and healthy community.

Our products and services are designed to be educational about the U.S. Constitution and America’s founding principles.