The Proud Majority is offering a series of White Papers designed for interactive discussions called Learning Circles. This approach enhances people’s ability to gain a deeper understanding of the complex issues facing America. We encourage you to download and utilize these papers to help touch hearts and minds and restore America’s core values.  

Each collection contains a series of White Papers that deal with specific concepts of American life. While Americans generally support these concepts, they have drastically different perceptions of what they mean. Each paper provides the definition and background of that concept or challenge. They then identify the differing beliefs, including the history and philosophy, that cause today’s political debate and conflict.  Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each belief helps to reduce the conflict and achieve an optimal balance. Armed with this knowledge, we will better understand our differences, find more common ground, and strive to find better solutions to America’s challenges. 

The Federalist

F.01 – Forward

Why the Constitution Matters The collection of papers included in this work follow the model of the original Federalist papers, written in New York in late 1787 and early 1788,...

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F.02 – INTRODUCTION – How Do We Begin?

America was founded as a democratic republic with the signing of the U.S. Constitution in 1787.  More than 230 years later, our great nation now finds itself under siege from...

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F.03 – Liberty and Rights

Liberty is the state of being free from control or oppressive restrictions imposed on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.  In philosophy and religion, it is connected with...

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F.04 – Justice vs. Social Justice

Justice is the philosophic concept of rectitude, fairness and morality within a society, and it serves as a balancing force between the collective security and the personal liberty of individuals. ...

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F.05 – Democracy

A Democracy is a system of government in which power is held by all citizens.  Because pure democracies are extremely inefficient, democratic power is often delegated to elected representatives, a...

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F.06 – Equality

Is there such a thing as equality in nature?  No. Equality does not exist in nature, and it can’t.  On the contrary, there must be diversity in nature, meaning dissimilarity, inequality, and all sorts of contradictions between...

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F.07 – Economic Systems and Theories

Economy is the term used to define the activities that take place within a nation to produce and distribute goods and services for public and private consumption.  An economy is...

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F.08 – Racism in America

America’s Racial Conflict Racial issues are now paramount in the mind of practically every American, but people are confused about what the problem is, what the causes are, or how...

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F.09 – Education Reform

“Our children are our greatest treasure. They are our future. Those who abuse them tear at the fabric of society and weaken our nation.”  Nelson Mandela Parents naturally want the...

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F.10 – The Proper Role of Government

“In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and...

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F.11 – Checks and Balances

History and Principles Checks and Balances refers to elements of our Constitutional government that are intended to distribute and inhibit or restrain political power.  The concerns which these mechanisms were...

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F.80 – Appendix for Federalist Papers

APPENDIX A – TACTICS OF COLLECTIVISTS The Collectivist side is using a set of tactics that has been successfully used for more than a hundred years to increase control. These...

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Speaks Out

S.01 – We the people – Human Nature and Community

Every nation has some form of governance and government. Some of these governments are good and beneficial to its people. But too often, some governments turn authoritarian and become extremely...

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S.02 – The Progressive Threat to America

The United States is sometimes referred to as an anomaly, primarily because of the unique principles ingrained in the U.S. Constitution.   America’s founders sought to establish an optimal form of...

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S.03 – Battle for Control of America

At the end of every year, decade, or century we reminisce about the era that just concluded. We take pride in the accomplishments and are relieved that we survived the...

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S.04 – America’s Unjust Justice System

Most Americans feel our current justice system is unjust and does not meet the needs of the American people. James Madison once said that if people were angels, we would have...

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S.05 – How the System Destroys Its Enemies

The Sinister Tactics of Corrupt Politicians

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S.06 – America’s Unhealthy Attitude About Money

Different Attitudes about Money Money management is one of the most important and difficult skills we learn in life. This lesson begins in our early childhood when our parents give...

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S.07 – Strategy for Saving America

Americans are blessed to live in the greatest country in the world, a nation that was founded on the concept of liberty. Throughout its history, America has offered its people...

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S.08 – Our Core Values

Look at any coin in your pocket, and you will find our core American values printed right there:  1) Liberty; 2) In God We Trust; and 3) E Pluribus Unum. Liberty...

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The Federalist Papers for the 21st Century

This collection of papers follows the model of the original Federalist papers, written in New York in late 1787 and early 1788, as newspaper articles and later published under the title, The Federalist.   The original Federalist was a long argument in the late 18th century for the support of the new form of government going forward.  Like the original Federalist, our papers are intended to explain and defend the American Constitution.   They were created for many audiences, but especially the people who are skeptical of the relevance of the Constitution’s underlying principles to today’s modern world.

The Proud Majority Speaks Out

This series focuses on the challenges confronting America today. While our enemies are getting stronger, we are highly polarized and experiencing a slow but steady drift away from the principles that made us great. Instead of being proud of what our ancestors accomplished and following in their footsteps, many Americans feel entitled and are squandering the prosperity we accumulated. Unless we deal with these issues, the future of our children and grand-children will be in danger.

The Conservative Resources

Our Conservative Resources, is a tool that identifies the conservative organizations, publications, and books that share our core values and specialize in specific aspects of American culture.  Included is a cross reference that identifies organizations that best align with your interests. Many of these organizations offer free virtual meetings with great speakers.  Please get involved and help to restore America’s core values and greatness.