S.07 – Strategy for Saving America

Americans are blessed to live in the greatest country in the world, a nation that was founded on the concept of liberty. Throughout its history, America has offered its people the greatest level of individual freedom, balanced with a strong and effective justice system. And during this timeframe, the American people have demonstrated an extraordinary level of compassion for their friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens. Today however, the majority of Americans are struggling to understand why their government is no longer the honorable institution it once was. The distinction between good and evil has been blurred, and America no longer provides that ideal balance between liberty and equality upon which it was founded.

During the Age of Enlightenment (1685-1815) the medieval world, weary from authoritarian forms of governments such as kingdoms, evolved into new democratic forms of government. During that same period, the seeds were sown for a new form of authoritarian government, now called socialism and communism. These authoritarian governments adhere to a set of principles called Collectivism, and the democratic governments adhere to a set of principles called Individualism. Individualism places greater priority on the rights and goals (individual will) of individual people.  Collectivism places a greater priority on community goals (general will), or what is best for the collective over each individual’s goals and rights. The major flaw with Collectivism is that determining and satisfying the general will is extremely difficult if not impossible.

Individualism prioritizes liberty over equality while Collectivism prioritizes equality over liberty. The risk of unconstrained liberty is anarchy, which is mitigated in democratic governments with strong justice systems. Because equality requires oversight, the risk of unconstrained equality is totalitarian governments that over time assume total control over their citizens. Authoritarian governments provide neither equality or liberty and once they become authoritarian, it is extremely difficult to reverse the status quo.

The diagram below illustrates the spectrum from Collectivism on the left to Individualism on the right. America was founded on principles that maximize the moral worth of the individual, balanced by a justice system that provides collective safety and security to the community.

Since its founding however, the Global Left’s Progressive ideology with its collectivist principles has gained major influence in America’s collective consciousness. This has resulted in over-emphasis on equality, a de-emphasis of liberty, and a weakening of America’s justice system. America’s ideal balance between liberty and equality has been disrupted by an overpowering and unconstrained government.

America’s shift to the Left has also occurred as a result of numerous sectors of the economy (education, energy, transportation) falling under government oversight and control. To encourage this, government officials criticize the private sector for being greedy and unconcerned with the well-being of the American people. Swayed by false criticism, more sectors (like healthcare) are increasingly being influenced by government, further increasing its revenue and control.

Managing Risk

The world and life are full of risks, probable and unlikely, minor and disastrous. And it is impossible to foresee and protect ourselves against everything that might happen or be inevitable. Businesses have become proficient at mitigating risk by utilizing a tool called a Risk Matrix. This device allows them to focus on those risks that are most likely to occur (probability) and have the greatest consequence if they do (severity). Americans must get better at evaluating and mitigating risk.

Countries throughout the world must constantly be aware of two opposing disasters that threaten us, a totalitarian government and total anarchy. America’s founding fathers understood these risks and designed the U.S. Constitution with checks and balances to protect against both of these risks.

While America recently experienced a significant level of anarchy, it was influenced by identity politics and a weakened justice system, and encouraged and funded by a collectivist government. Restoring America’s core values would actually reduce looting and the risk of total anarchy. Today however, America’s biggest risk is evolving into an abusive and totalitarian government. Over the past century, the federal government has become enormous and has implemented regulations that control every aspect of our lives. America’s collective consciousness has evolved away from the nationalist ideology that made America great and toward the global ideology of Progressives. Now, we are banning speech that some people find offensive, using our justice system to protect corrupt politicians and intimidate opponents, and utilizing excessive government spending in ways harmful to the people.

In a democracy, the will of the people is the major determining factor that drives policies and ultimately determines what a country’s future will be. So, as the percentage of people that believe in collectivist principles increases, so does the threat of evolving into an authoritarian government.

Other Factors to Consider

The Progressives believe in globalism and a world government. Throughout history, America has promoted nationalism and understood the dangers of collective control. The world desperately needs a strong America which balances its military might and economic power with a strong sense of morality. This is one of the reasons global competitors are determined to gain influence within the American government and weaken our commitment to ethics and human rights.

Patriotic Americans have always loved freedom and are frustrated by having to watch it slip away. Appendix A of this document provides a list of tactics Progressives are using to gain power and control of the levers of America. To counter their efforts, our goal must be to refocus America’s collective consciousness back to the core values and principles that made America great. As our politicians tighten their grip on power, their actions are becoming more brazen in their efforts to increase that power. This increases the urgency of our movement to block and reverse their megalomania and return power back to the people.

Concepts behind our strategy

Saving our country begins with understanding the challenges we are facing, knowing the tactics of our enemies, and being able to quickly determine who the enemies of America are.

The battle between good and evil is real. Government tends to be a breeding ground for evil people. When the number of unethical people and the amount of control they gain reaches a tipping point, our country is lost. Americans are generally aware of the amount of corruption in the governments like Mexico, but are oblivious to the amount of corruption already in America’s government.

Government corruption is lucrative with little risk of punishment. Just as in a Mafia crime family, money is the primary resource that keeps the organization functioning. It keeps supporters loyal and silences those who resist. The primary resource the people need to offset corruption is Justice. And it must include strong safeguards to control money flow.

In order to eliminate corruption in government, the good people of America need to be able to determine who are the good politicians and who are America’s enemies. The bad politicians are charlatans, very skilled at cloaking their motives in admirable intentions. But once people are educated about America’s core values and the motives and tactics of the Left, these charlatans are easy to identify. Unfortunately, these charlatans have taken control of our education system and are churning out indoctrinated students who understand progressive ideology, but are not skilled critical thinkers.

As Mike Pompeo said “Lying is a feature, not a bug of authoritarian regimes”. This is true of our foreign enemies as well as those who have gained influence and control from within. One of their favorite techniques is to blame the opposition for unethical or illegal activities that they themselves deploy.
Our Strategy includes the following actions

  1. Restoring Justice – America was founded on the principle of equal justice for all. But in recent years this has been anything but the truth. Our politicians have been getting away with serious crimes without being prosecuted or given media attention. So instead of equal justice under the law, they are receiving special protection by the law. Instead of being a deterrent to crime, our justice system became a license for politicians to break the law. Restoring the blindfold on our Lady of Justice is our number one priority and most critical action for saving America.

  • Get Control of Money – Why do our politicians vote for massive spending bills, and why are more and more of them millionaires? Are their actions illegal or just unethical? How much of America’s deficit spending is paid to special interests? It seems the people, who are working to take control of America are using taxpayer money to reward loyal supporters. They say “follow the money,” but under our unequal justice system these efforts seem fruitless. America needs stricter laws concerning the acquisition and spending of money, and we need an unbiased legal system that will investigate and enforce these laws. A federal government balanced budget amendment is also a wise move.
    1. Reinstate Civics Classes in School and Social Organizations – America’s public education system no longer promotes traditional civics classes that teach America’s core values and principles. These classes promote pride in America and hinder collectivist efforts to change our country. We need to work to reinstate Civics in public schools and begin teaching it in private settings. This effort is also important for helping people succeed as good citizens of society.

    Ensure Election Integrity and Replace Corrupt Politicians – While all politicians are entitled to equal justice under the law, there are politicians who are unqualified and do not believe in America’s core values and principles. Too many politicians are supported for the ideology and loyalty to a cause.

    The worksheet above identifies the criteria that should be used to evaluate potential candidates. In an effort to increase diversity, too much attention is currently being focused on the candidate’s identity. This draws attention away from more important criteria (ethics, ideology, experience, and motive) and masks undesirable traits that should prevent these people from taking office. America is a meritocracy, and only the best people should hold political offices.

    1. Adopt an Originalist Interpretation of the U.S. Constitution – The U.S. Constitution is not just a piece of paper. It is the contract the people have with the government that governs us. It is the safeguard that protects us from abusive government officials who try to violate our rights. Staying true to the originalist interpretation will keep our politicians in check and ensure our country will not be dramatically altered or taken from us. Adhering to a loose and flexible interpretation will slowly erode these safeguards and allow politicians to tighten their grip on the levers of power.
    2. Migrate and Maintain Non-critical Business Sectors Back to the Private Sector – Counter to Progressive propaganda, Capitalism is not a threat to the American people. Capitalistic businesses succeed when they meet the needs of their customers and competition is a controlling force. Capitalism becomes harmful when it becomes Crony Capitalism. This is when business only succeeds with special relationships with the government. Crony Capitalism removes the natural controlling forces and limits competition. Crony Capitalism is alive and well in America today and needs to be reduced.
    3. Federalism vs. Anti-Federalism – America was founded on the principle of states’ rights and limited federal government. Under this principle, roles like maintaining a military were the responsibility of the federal government, and more cultural decisions were left to the states. The 10th amendment of the U.S. Constitution states “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by the States are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Under the influence of Progressives, our country is evolving into a top-down collectivist type of country, where the federal government is issuing cultural regulations. This is unhealthy and ineffective. The rural states should not be driven by the beliefs of the large urban strongholds like New York and California. In addition to accelerating central control, it limits freedom and discourages state experimentation. This is unconstitutional and needs to be reversed.
    4. Rights and Responsibilities for Citizenship – American citizenship is a privilege not a human right. Just as in any family, organization, or community, there are responsibilities along with the benefits that members receive as a result of being a member. But the group cannot exist if the majority of members receive benefits but have no responsibilities. While compassion is admirable and encouraged, rights without expectations is foolish and dangerous. Having borders without safeguards encourages terrorists as well as those who want the privilege of membership without responsibilities. Voting is a privilege that should be reserved for people who meet the criteria for membership and have skin in the game. America’s success depends upon having members who love our country and are committed to the mission and health of the country.
    5. Unbiased Truth in Media – The health and success of a community is dependent upon the trust between the members of the community. That trust cannot and will not exist if the people know the other members are always lying. As Mike Pompeo said, “Lying is a feature, not a bug of authoritarian regimes.” This is true of our foreign enemies as well as those who have gained influence and control from within. Collectivist organizations exist only when the party line is communicated and not the truth. In the media in America, party propaganda consumes the news. Educated people with critical thinking ability see these false messages for what they are. Indoctrinated people cannot. In order to maintain a healthy country that people want to live in, the truth must be allowed to flourish. The first amendment is there to protect us from people and organizations that restrict free speech, but they are doing it anyway. This must stop.

    The erosion of America’s founding principles and core values is not a Democrat vs. Republican issue. There are very good and patriotic people within the Democrat party, and there are very good and patriotic people within the Republican party. This is a battle between Good vs. Evil. The “Good Side” represents the people who believe in individual liberty and the core values of America. The “Evil Side” represents the people who bought into the global progressive concepts and are now loyal members of the corrupt collectivist organization. These people force their beliefs on the people of America, and most of their beliefs are designed to increase control of the collective organization.

    Many of America’s current problems are the result of too many people being corrupted by dangerous collectivist principles. This collectivist movement infiltrated the Democrat party when Modern Liberalism was pushed out by the Global Progressive movement. Now the number of corrupt people runs deep within our government structure and continues to grow. This structure needs to be ripped out by the roots. It will be difficult and will take time.

    The Left is claiming they will achieve unity, but that is rhetoric and it can only be achieved when the Right acknowledges the Left’s authority and falls in line. Freedom-loving Americans realize their rights are being taken away and will not hand over control to a corrupt organization without a fight.

    The tactics used by the Global Left Progressives are revolutionary, unethical, illegal, un-American and violate human nature and natural law. And at some point, America’s checks and balances may not be enough to resist this revolutionary movement. The American people are angry and will soon unite and take counter revolutionary actions.